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Features – All Models

  • For 600 volt to 35 KV cables
  • 260 to 1.265 in (6.60 to 32.13 mm) cable O.D
  • Strips XLPE, polyethylene and EPR insulation up to 400 mils thick
  • Precise stripping of insulation only or insulation and semicon simultaneously
  • Ideal for primary URD cable
  • Guarded cutting blade prevents injury
  • Accepts SW-2 ratchet wrench for leverage
  • Bushing insert fits over cable
    – Bushing insert presets cutting blade depth
    – Bushings can be changed easily and quickly
  • Stop Bars can be purchased separately. Metric stop bars available
  • CB7-2 Replacement Blade Part No.: 10327
  • Made in the U.S.A.* See instruction sheet for detailed informationWS 5A
  • All WS 5 features with the following upgrades:- Adjustable strip stop mechanism
    – Eliminates need for hex wrench
    – New adjustment window allows for easy strip stop setting in both inch and metric

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